distribution-gpg-keys - GPG keys of various Linux distributions

Website: https://github.com/xsuchy/distribution-gpg-keys
License: CC0
Vendor: Fedora Project
GPG keys used by various Linux distributions to sign packages.


distribution-gpg-keys-1.8-1.el6.noarch [117 KiB] Changelog by Miroslav Suchý (2016-10-24):
- update copr gpg keys
- README.md: Indicate what keys are actually included
- add rpmfusion F19 keys
- add note how to verify gpg key using fingerprint
- RPMFusion add fedora-20 and fedora-21 keys
- RPMFusion add rpmfusion el-7 keys
- RPMFusion add fedora-25 keys
- use symbol links .
- Add a crucial information to README.md
distribution-gpg-keys-1.7-1.el6.noarch [101 KiB] Changelog by Miroslav Suchý (2016-09-12):
- do not use weak deps on rhel

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