kradio4 - V4L/V4L2-Radio Application for KDE4

License: GPLv2
KRadio is a comfortable radio application for KDE4 with support for
V4L and V4L2 radio card drivers.

KRadio currently provides:

* V4L/V4L2 Radio support
* Remote Control support (LIRC)
* Alarms, Sleep Countdown
* Several GUI Controls (Docking Menu, Station Quickbar, Radio Display)
* Timeshifter Capability
* Recording Capabilities (mp3, ogg/vorbis, wav, ...)
* Extendable Plugin Architecture

This Package also includes a growing collection of station preset
files for many cities around the world contributed by KRadio Users.

As KRadio is based on an extendable plugin architecture, contributions
of new plugins (e.g. Internet Radio Streams, new cool GUIs) are welcome.


kradio4-4.0.6-1.el6.x86_64 [7.7 MiB] Changelog by Paulo Roma (2012-08-17):
- bugfixes for playlist file .pls handling (BBC stations and further
  UK radio stations, see bugreport 3534405)
- support for WMV playlists
- improved playlist type autodetection
kradio4-4.0.5-2.el6.x86_64 [7.7 MiB] Changelog by Paulo Roma (2012-04-08):
- Updated to 4.0.5.
- Added BR boost-devel

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