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dnf - Package manager forked from Yum, using libsolv as a dependency resolver

License: GPLv2+ and GPLv2 and GPL
Vendor: Fedora Project
Package manager forked from Yum, using libsolv as a dependency resolver.


dnf-0.5.4-2.fc20.noarch [544 KiB] Changelog by Aleš Kozumplík (2014-07-29):
- whole user name can contain non-ascii chars (RhBug:1121280) (Jan Silhan)
dnf-0.5.4-1.fc20.noarch [544 KiB] Changelog by Aleš Kozumplík (2014-07-16):
- pkg name from rpm transaction callback is in Unicode (RhBug:1118796) (Jan Silhan)
- packaging: python3-dnf depends on dnf. (RhBug:1119032) (Ales Kozumplik)
- Ship /usr/bin/dnf-3 to run DNF under Py3. (RhBug:1117678) (Ales Kozumplik)
- packaging: own /etc/dnf/plugins. (RhBug:1118178) (Ales Kozumplik)
- fix: pluginconfpath is a list. (Ales Kozumplik)
- cosmetic: use classmethod as a decorator in (Ales Kozumplik)
- cleanup: imports in dnf.cli.output (Ales Kozumplik)
- lint: straightforward lint fixes in dnf.cli.output. (Ales Kozumplik)
- Repo.__setattr__ has to use the parsed value. (Ales Kozumplik)
- Repo priorities. (RhBug:1048973) (Ales Kozumplik)
- repo: simplify how things are propagated to repo.hawkey_repo. (Ales Kozumplik)
- refactor: concentrate Repo.hawkey_repo construction in Repo.__init__(). (Ales Kozumplik)
- bash-completion: Update command and option lists, sort in same order as --help (Ville Skyttä)
- bash-completion: Use grep -E instead of deprecated egrep (Ville Skyttä)
- output: fixed identation of info command output (Jan Silhan)
- i18n: calculates right width of asian utf-8 strings (RhBug:1116544) (Jan Silhan)
- transifex update + renamed po files to Fedora conventions (Jan Silhan)
- remove: CLI: --randomwait (Ales Kozumplik)
- cli: fix: --installroot has to be used with --releasever (RhBug:1117293) (Ales Kozumplik)
- Base.reset(goal=True) also resets the group persistor (RhBug:1116839) (Ales Kozumplik)
- tests: fix failing DistroSync.test_distro_sync(). (Ales Kozumplik)
- logging: RPM transaction markers are too loud. (Ales Kozumplik)
- logging: silence drpm a bit. (Ales Kozumplik)
- logging: put timing functionality into one place. (Ales Kozumplik)
- repolist: fix traceback with disabled repos. (RhBug:1116845) (Ales Kozumplik)
- refactor: cleanups in repolist. (Ales Kozumplik)
- lint: remove some unused imports. (Ales Kozumplik)
- cli: break out the repolsit command into a separate module. (Ales Kozumplik)
- does not crash with non-ascii user name (RhBug:1108908) (Jan Silhan)
- doc: document 'pluginpath' configuration option. (RhBug:1117102) (Ales Kozumplik)
- Spelling fixes (Ville Skyttä)
- cli: Fix software name in --version help (Ville Skyttä)
- doc: ip_resolve documented at two places. remove one. (Ales Kozumplik)

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