openssh-askpass - A passphrase dialog for OpenSSH and X

License: BSD
Vendor: Fedora Project
OpenSSH is a free version of SSH (Secure SHell), a program for logging
into and executing commands on a remote machine. This package contains
an X11 passphrase dialog for OpenSSH.


openssh-askpass-6.4p1-6.fc20.x86_64 [66 KiB] Changelog by Petr Lautrbach (2014-11-11):
- correct the calculation of bytes for authctxt->krb5_ccname <> (#1161073)
- change audit trail for unknown users (mindrot#2245)
- fix kuserok patch which checked for the existence of .k5login
  unconditionally and hence prevented other mechanisms to be used properly
- ignore SIGXFSZ in postauth monitor (mindrot#2263)
- set a client's address right after a connection is set (mindrot#2257)
- apply RFC3454 stringprep to banners when possible (mindrot#2058)
- don't consider a partial success as a failure (mindrot#2270)
openssh-askpass-6.4p1-5.fc20.x86_64 [66 KiB] Changelog by Petr Lautrbach (2014-07-18):
- standardise on NI_MAXHOST for gethostname() string lengths (#1051490)

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