python3-babel - Library for internationalizing Python applications

License: BSD
Vendor: Fedora Project
Babel is composed of two major parts:

* tools to build and work with gettext message catalogs

* a Python interface to the CLDR (Common Locale Data Repository),
  providing access to various locale display names, localized number
  and date formatting, etc.


python3-babel-1.3-7.fc20.noarch [2.5 MiB] Changelog by Toshio Kuratomi (2014-12-17):
- Remove pytz version requirement in egginfo as it confuses newer setuptools
python3-babel-1.3-3.fc20.noarch [2.5 MiB] Changelog by Nils Philippsen (2014-04-02):
- fix dependencies (#1083470)

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