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tzdata-java - Timezone data for Java

License: Public Domain
Vendor: Fedora Project
This package contains timezone information for use by Java runtimes.


tzdata-java-2015d-1.fc20.noarch [143 KiB] Changelog by Patsy Franklin (2015-04-27):
- Rebase to 2015d
  - Egypt will not observe DST in 2015 and will consider canceling it
    permanently.  For now, assume no DST indefinitely.
  - The abbreviations for Hawaii-Aleutian standard and daylight times
    have been changed from HAST/HADT to HST/HDT, as per US Government
    Printing Office style.  This affects only America/Adak since 1983,
    as America/Honolulu was already using the new style.
tzdata-java-2015c-1.fc20.noarch [143 KiB] Changelog by Patsy Franklin (2015-04-16):
- Rebase to 2015c
  - Egypt's spring-forward transition is at 24:00 on April's last Thursday,
    not 00:00 on April's last Friday.  2015's transition will therefore be on
    Thursday, April 30 at 24:00, not Friday, April 24 at 00:00.  Similar fixes
    apply to 2026, 2037, 2043, etc.  (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen.)
- Rebase javazic tool to match latest upstream OpenJDK version

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