libnl3-cli - Command line interface utils for libnl3

License: LGPLv2
Vendor: Fedora Project
This package contains various libnl3 utils and additional
libraries on which they depend


libnl3-cli-3.2.24-3.fc20.i686 [80 KiB] Changelog by Thomas Haller (2014-05-22):
- add nl_has_capability() function
- retry local port on ADDRINUSE (rh #1097175)
- python: fix passing wrong argument in netlink/
- fix return value of nl_rtgen_request()
- fix nl_msec2str()
- fix crash in rtnl_act_msg_parse()
- fix rtnl_route_build_msg() not to guess the route scope if RT_SCOPE_NOWHERE
libnl3-cli-3.2.24-2.fc20.i686 [80 KiB] Changelog by Thomas Haller (2014-04-04):
- fix breaking on older kernels due to IFA_FLAGS attribute (rh #1063885)

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