libsolv - Package dependency solver

License: BSD
Vendor: Fedora Project
A free package dependency solver using a satisfiability algorithm. The
library is based on two major, but independent, blocks:

- Using a dictionary approach to store and retrieve package
  and dependency information.

- Using satisfiability, a well known and researched topic, for
  resolving package dependencies.


libsolv-0.6.4-0.git2a5c1c4.fc20.i686 [317 KiB] Changelog by Jan Silhan (2014-07-14):
- Rebase to upstream 2a5c1c4
- Filename selector can start with a star
libsolv-0.6.1-1.git6d968f1.fc20.i686 [316 KiB] Changelog by Aleš Kozumplík (2014-05-27):
- Rebase to upstream 6d968f1
- Fix RhBug:1049209

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