lz4-devel - Development library for lz4

License: BSD
Vendor: Fedora Project
This package contains the header(.h) and library(.so) files required to build
applications using liblz4 library.


lz4-devel-r129-1.fc20.i686 [17 KiB] Changelog by pjp (2015-05-27):
- New LZ4_compress_fast() API.
- New LZ4 CLI improved performance with multiple files.
- Other bug fix and documentation updates.
lz4-devel-r128-2.fc20.i686 [15 KiB] Changelog by pjp (2015-04-06):
- Update files section to install unlz4 & its manual
lz4-devel-r127-1.fc20.i686 [15 KiB] Changelog by pjp (2015-01-07):
- Fixed a bug in LZ4 HC streaming mode
- New lz4frame API integrated into liblz4
- Fixed a GCC 4.9 bug on highest performance settings

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