system environment/base

glibc-langpack-en - Locale data for en

License: LGPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ with exceptions and GPLv2+
Vendor: Fedora Project
The glibc-langpack-en package includes the basic information required
to support the en language in your applications.


glibc-langpack-en-2.23.1-12.fc24.i686 [275 KiB] Changelog by Florian Weimer (2017-06-20):
- Auto-sync with upstream release/2.23/master,
  commit d990d79610362f823292f9d869b84b4ec4491159, fixing:
- CVE-2017-1000366: Avoid large allocas in the dynamic linker (#1462820)
- Ignore and remove LD_HWCAP_MASK for AT_SECURE programs (swbz#21209)
- Correct collation rules for Malayalam (swbz#19922, swbz#19919)
- fts: Fix symbol redirect for fts_set (swbz#21289)
- powerpc: Fix write-after-destroy in lock elision (swbz#20822)
- localedata: bs_BA: fix yesexpr/noexpr (swbz#20974)

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