libtevent - The tevent library

Website: http://tevent.samba.org/
License: LGPLv3+
Vendor: Fedora Project
Tevent is an event system based on the talloc memory management library.
Tevent has support for many event types, including timers, signals, and
the classic file descriptor events.
Tevent also provide helpers to deal with asynchronous code providing the
tevent_req (Tevent Request) functions.


libtevent-0.9.36-1.fc26.i686 [41 KiB] Changelog by Lukas Slebodnik (2018-02-26):
- rhbz#1548613 New upstream release 0.9.36
libtevent-0.9.34-1.fc26.i686 [40 KiB] Changelog by Lukas Slebodnik (2017-11-14):
- New upstream release 0.9.34

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