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libubsan - The Undefined Behavior Sanitizer runtime library

License: GPLv3+ and GPLv3+ with exceptions and GPLv2+ with exceptions and LGPLv2+ and BSD
Vendor: Fedora Project
This package contains the Undefined Behavior Sanitizer library
which is used for -fsanitize=undefined instrumented programs.


libubsan-7.3.1-2.fc26.i686 [170 KiB] Changelog by Jakub Jelinek (2018-01-30):
- update from the 7 branch
  - PRs c++/82461, c++/82878, libstdc++/81076, libstdc++/83658,
	libstdc++/83830, libstdc++/83833, rtl-optimization/83985, target/68467,
	target/81763, target/83399, target/83862, target/83905, target/84033
- fix -fstack-clash-protection ICE with -mtune=i686 (#1538648, PR target/84064)
libubsan-7.2.1-2.fc26.i686 [164 KiB] Changelog by Jakub Jelinek (2017-09-15):
- update from the 7 branch
  - PRs ada/62235, ada/79441, ada/79542, bootstrap/81926, c++/81355,
	c++/81852, c++/82039, c++/82040, c/45784, c/81687, driver/81650,
	fortran/81770, inline-asm/82001, ipa/81128, libstdc++/70483,
	libstdc++/81338, libstdc++/81468, libstdc++/81599, libstdc++/81835,
	libstdc++/81891, libstdc++/81912, middle-end/81052, middle-end/81768,
	other/39851, sanitizer/63361, sanitizer/81923, target/80695,
	target/81504, target/81593, target/81621, target/81833, target/81988,
	target/82181, testsuite/82114, testsuite/82120, tree-opt/81696,
	tree-optimization/81503, tree-optimization/81987
- fix OpenMP implicit firstprivate handling of references (PR c++/81314)
- fix -fcompare-debug failures with PowerPC atomics (PR target/81325)
- fix compile time hog in C++ replace_placeholders (PR sanitizer/81929)
- fix __atomic* and PowerPC vec_ld/vec_st handling of array arguments
  (PR target/82112)

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