libytnef - TNEF Stream Reader Library

Website: https://github.com/Yeraze/ytnef
License: GPLv2+
Vendor: Fedora Project
TNEF Stream Parser Library, used by "ytnef" to decode TNEF (winmail.dat)
streams generated by Microsoft Outlook.


libytnef-1.9.2-5.fc26.i686 [39 KiB] Changelog by Michael Schwendt (2017-09-16):
- Spec fixes for modern guidelines:
  remove BuildRoot tag, remove Group tags, remove defattr, no clean section,
  automatic buildroot clean in install section, use license macro
- License is GPLv2+ / "GPL v2 (or later)".
- Verbose build.log with V=1
- Make base package deps arch-specific.

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