mock - Builds packages inside chroots

Website: https://github.com/rpm-software-management/mock/
License: GPLv2+
Vendor: Fedora Project
Mock takes an SRPM and builds it in a chroot.


mock-1.4.9-1.fc26.noarch [157 KiB] Changelog by Miroslav Suchý (2018-02-12):
- "setup_cmd" of bootstrap container is the actuall $pm_install_command from
  the main container [RHBZ#1540813]
- do not produce warning when we are using different PM for bootstrap container
- Honor the "cwd" flag when nspawn is being used and "chrootPath" is not set
- do not run ccache in bootstrap chroot [RHBZ#1540813]
- use DNF on EL7 when bootstrap is used [RHBZ#1540813]
- site-defaults: fix quoting in sign_opts example [RHBZ#1537797]
- Detect if essential mounts are already mounted (msimacek@redhat.com)
- Update Python 2 dependency declarations to new packaging standards
- improvement code/docs for opstimeout (Mikhail_Campos-Guadamuz@epam.com)
- simplifying of utils.do() (Mikhail_Campos-Guadamuz@epam.com)
- New config option 'opstimeout' has been added. (Mikhail_Campos-
- Don't setup user mounts in the bootstrap buildroot (bkorren@redhat.com)
- el5 is sensitive to order of params
- Default for config_opts['dnf_warning'] according to docs
- Avoid manual interpolation in logging of BUILDSTDERR (Mikhail_Campos-
- Splitting stdout and stderr in build.log. All stderr output lines are
  prefixed by 'BUILDSTDERR:' (Mikhail_Campos-Guadamuz@epam.com)
mock-1.4.7-2.fc26.noarch [154 KiB] Changelog by Miroslav Suchý (2017-10-31):
- user and group is actually not used here since some logic moved to buildroot.py
- add config_opts['chrootgroup'] to site-defaults.cfg
- Enable chrootgroup as a config file option
- override some keys for bootstrap config
- Add support for DeskOS
- Delete rootdir as well when calling clean
- Fix mock & mock-core-config specs to support Mageia
- Ensure mock-core-configs will select the right default on Mageia
- ccache: use different bind mount directory
- new-chroot: set up new network namespace and add default route in it
- use primary key for F-27+ on s390x
- man: add dnf to see also
- man: escape @
- remove Seth email
- more grammar fixes
- fix typo in mock(1)
- sort debug-config output

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