mkisofs - Creates an image of an ISO9660 filesystem.

License: GPL
The mkisofs program is used as a pre-mastering program; i.e., it
generates the ISO9660 filesystem.  Mkisofs takes a snapshot of
a given directory tree and generates a binary image of the tree
which will correspond to an ISO9660 filesystem when written to
a block device.  Mkisofs is used for writing CD-ROMs, and includes
support for creating bootable El Torito CD-ROMs.

Install the mkisofs package if you need a program for writing


mkisofs-2.01-1.fc1.i386 [462 KiB] Changelog by Harald Hoyer (2003-10-24):
- converted man pages to utf-8
- added readcd man page
mkisofs-2.01-0.a19.2ossdvd.i386 [274 KiB] Changelog by Robert M. Stockmann (2003-12-09):
- added OSS DVD cdrtools patch which adds DVD-R(W) burning support.

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