kmpg2 - A wizard to create high quality DVD compatible MPEG2 streams

License: GPLv2
Vendor: LCG, UFRJ
KmPg2 is a user friendly MPEG2 encoding wizard that allows the user
to create high quality DVD compatible MPEG2 streams,
without requiring any technical knowledge.

Creating high quality MPEG2 streams involves a lot more than simply feeding
the input video to mpeg2enc/transcode/mencoder/etc. The input video needs to be
carefully prepared by pulling it through a chain of stream processing tools
like low-pass filters, color correction filters, static and dynamic chroma and
luma noise filters, scalers, and so on. This processing chain needs to be tuned
in such a way that all irrelevant data (like noise) is removed before
the video enters the encoder.
KmPg2 uses the video processing / encoding tools from the MJPEGTools project
to achieve this.

KmPg2 features a 'profiler' that enables the user to interactively create
custom pre-processing pipelines that are optimised for a specific type
of video material.  These preprocessing pipelines (profiles)
can be stored and used with the actual encoding wizard.
For example, you could create a profile that is designed especially
for restoring a single aging VHS tape, or you could create a profile
tuned for your digital camcorder and re-use it for every new recording
that needs to be encoded.

KmPg2 version 1.90 can read any video file that your FFMPEG version can read.
In most cases, this means that it can convert almost anything
to DVD compatible MPEG2.


kmpg2-1.96-5.el6.noarch [75 KiB] Changelog by Paulo Roma (2011-02-19):
- Set KmPg2Profiler.kmdr and KmPg2.kmdr executable.
- Fixed desktop entry.

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