LCG_cg  1.0
Quadrics rendering
Paulo Roma Cavalcanti


This program provides code templates for use by OpenGL developers. Although simple, the code supplies everything a beginner in Computer Graphics should know:

  1. Surface Implicit representation
  2. Surface Parametric representation
  3. Normal vector calculation
  4. Quadrics
  5. Torus (ring, horn or spindle)
  1. Wireframe
  2. Smooth shading
  3. Texture (procedural or image based)
  1. drawn proportionally to the bounding box diagonal
  2. pointing outside the object

Also note the existence of the following directories:

  1. Rotation paradigm for CG.
  1. Torus.cpp

As you prepare to develop code for the course, please be sure you are aware of our current Coding Standards

If using the code in this package as an example - please modify the comments as appropriate for your own specific code.


This program runs on linux 64 or 32 bits (Fedora, Ubuntu), and MacOS. To generate executables, just run:

  1. make
  1. make OS=osx
  1. make OS=cross



[graphical interface, Java Implementation]

Qt4 or Qt5 based

Introduction to OpenGL, JOGL

Screen Shots

Ring Torus
Horn Torus
Spindle Torus
Hyperbolic Paraboloid

Ring Torus

Horn Torus

Spindle Torus