ace-tao - The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE) and The ACE ORB (TAO)

License: ACE License
Vendor: LCG, UFRJ.
The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE) is a freely available,
open-source object-oriented (OO) framework that implements many core
patterns for concurrent communication software. ACE provides a rich
set of reusable C++ wrapper facades and framework components that
perform common communication software tasks across a range of OS
platforms. The communication software tasks provided by ACE include
event demultiplexing and event handler dispatching, signal handling,
service initialization, interprocess communication, shared memory
management, message routing, dynamic (re)configuration of distributed
services, concurrent execution and synchronization.

TAO is a real-time implementation of CORBA built using the framework
components and patterns provided by ACE. TAO contains the network
interface, OS, communication protocol, and CORBA middleware components
and features. TAO is based on the standard OMG CORBA reference model,
with the enhancements designed to overcome the shortcomings of
conventional ORBs for high-performance and real-time applications.


ace-tao-5.5.8-1.fc6.lcg.src [22.5 MiB] Changelog by Ken Sedgwick (2007-05-05):
- Updated to latest DOC group release (x.5.8).

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